Interhospital Transfer Project

The Interhospital Transfer Project (IHTP) of The PERT Consortium™ was initiated in 2019 through a grant from Boston Scientific Corporation to study IHT for PE. Interhospital Transfer (IHT) for advanced care for pulmonary embolism has received little attention compared to other critical illnesses such as STEMI, stroke, and trauma. Yet, many patients with PE must be transferred to receive the potential benefits of advanced care. The projects aims to positively impact PE mortality through optimization of early management of critically-ill PE patients, including issues and processes associated with IHT.

By design, the project began with a basic review manuscript of clinical steps and nuances of care in the continuum from a patient’s diagnosis with PE to arrival at the destination center. This is not a consensus document on who to transfer because there is no such consensus at present. Instead, the document’s focus is on the safe early management of the critically-ill PE patient, conduct of transfer, and other transfer considerations in hopes of enhancing survival.

The project will continue with two more components: a synthesis of surveys conducted with transferring and receiving physicians across the United States and a review of PERT data collected via our PERT Registry.

The Clinical Protocols Committee is proud to present the open access document in CHEST below.

Interhospital Transfer of Patients with Acute Pulmonary Embolism (PE): Challenges and Opportunities.

CHEST (2021), doi: