COVID-19 and PE Registry

On behalf of the PERT Consortium, we are thrilled to announce the new PERT COVID-19 PE Registry.

Participation in the COVID-19 PE Registry is FREE and database membership will be waived for the next year.

Information regarding the epidemiology, clinical features and outcomes of patients with concurrent COVID-19 and pulmonary embolism (PE) is lacking. Given that both conditions carry high rates of morbidity and mortality, there is an urgent need to rapidly collect and disseminate information about patients who suffer from both COVID-19 and PE. To meet this demand, the PERT consortium intends to create a de-identified, observational registry within an existing large multi-institutional database dedicated to the study of patients with PE to capture the clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with confirmed COVID-19 and PE. PERT will leverage the infrastructure of this existing registry, which utilizes the user-friendly and rapidly scalable RED CAP Cloud platform, not only to collect the necessary information for the COVID19 and PE registry but also to quickly scale it up to meet the needs of this rapidly growing disease. A major benefit of this registry is the ability to utilize historical data from the existing PE registry as a control group.

The COVID-19 PE Registry will provide expedient public reporting of aggregate data on the clinical characteristics and outcomes of patients with COVID-19 and PE in order to facilitate clinical decision making and allocate resources. PERT is the only collaborative group that can examine this invaluable information on a large scale, in detail and have a comparative arm. In addition, because of its size and infrastructure, PERT Consortium has the ability to collect, analyze and deliver this information in a timely manner.

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COVID-19 and PE registry

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