The PERT Consortium Webinar Series:
January 2018

Please join us for the next PERT Webinar on January, 9, 2018 at 6 pm (Eastern Standard Time). We are pleased to have Dr. Geno Merli and Dr. Elias Haddad present.

Dr. Merli is a Professor of Medicine at Jefferson University. He is a luminary in his field of vascular medicine
and will present a case that should add a great deal to our knowledge base in the care of patients with pulmonary embolism.



Dr. Haddad is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt Medical Center. He is an interventional cardiologist
with a particular interest in interventional techniques. He will be presenting a case that represents a diagnostic dilemma
which will challenge our group.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to not only attend, but actively participate in the discussion which is usually lively, challenging, and always civil.

Our committee is assembling a group of people that are interested in presenting cases for future webinars. If this is of interest, please send us your names and we will ultimately prepare a roster of people with scheduled dates well in advance of the quarterly sessions.

We appreciate your continued interest and participation in this important educational program. Remember, prevention is as important as PERTINENT treatment!!

PERT Consortium News

PERT Consortium News

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