Webinar: Interhospital Transfer for PE Care

The PERT Consortium® kindly invites you to the webinar Interhospital Transfer for PE Care. 

Interhospital transfer (IHT) for advanced care for pulmonary embolism has received little attention compared to other critical illnesses such as STEMI, stroke, and trauma. Yet, many patients with PE must be transferred to receive the potential benefits of advanced care. The Interhospital Transfer Project (IHTP) of the PERT Consortium was initiated in 2019 to study IHT for PE beginning with a basic review of clinical steps and nuances in the early care and transfer of PE patients that may enhance survival. In this Webinar, the structure and progress of the IHTP will be briefly updated. Illustrative cases will be used for a discussion of principles of care and controversies.

Our moderator is Charles Ross, MD, FACS, DFSVS. Our Speakers are Michael McDaniel, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Belinda Rivera-Lebron, MD, MSCE, FCCP, and Parth Rali, MD

If you would like to submit questions prior to the webinar, please send to: admin@pertconsortium.org

Sponsored by The PERT Consortium®, Inc. with support from Boston Scientific



Charles B. Ross, MD, FACS, DFSVS
Vascular/Endovascular Surgeon, Piedmont Hospital
Co-Director, Level I Cardiovascular Emergency Program
Chief, Vascular and Endovascular Services
Piedmont Heart and Vascular Institute
Atlanta, GA


Michael C. McDaniel, MD, FACC, FSCAI
Associate Professor of Medicine
Emory University
Director, Grady Hospital Cardiac Cath Lab
Atlanta, GA

Belinda Rivera-Lebron, MD, MSCE, FCCP
Associate Professor of Medicine
Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine
Director, Acute and Chronic Thromboembolism Program
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA

Parth Rali, MD 
Associate professor, Division of Thoracic Medicine and Surgery, Lews Katz School of Medicine
Director, Temple Health System PERT program
Chair, National PERT Consortium Clinical Protocol Committee.
Temple University Hospital
Philadelphia, PA