2019 Endovascular Today PERT Supplement

Greetings PERT Consortium members and friends.
Please check out the PERT Supplement, published by our partners at Endovascular Today this past month.  This is a highly informative update and “state of the art” with respect to Pulmonary Embolism: epidemiology; diagnosis; risk stratification; treatment options and outcomes; and long-term followup and consequences. The PERT Consortium continues to lead the way in PE education, awareness, prevention, and treatment.  Please forward to all interested parties.  
And please make sure that you, your colleagues, and your trainees all register and plan to attend the FIFTH ANNUAL PERT Scientific Symposium and Update on PE in Boston, Friday-Saturday, October 4-5.  And don’t forget the PERT annual business meeting and satellite programs on Thursday the 3rd in advance of the meeting.
Enjoy the PERT Supplement and see you all at the Annual Session!
PERT Executive Committee
Ken Rosenfield, Past-President
Victor Tapson, President
Rich Channick, President-Elect
Rob Lookstein, Vice President
Jana Montgomery, Board Chair
Geno Merli, Treasurer
Michelle Lanno, Executive Director