PERT Bootcamp: Hands-on Physician in Training Course

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our continued success of the Physicians-in-Training program at the 9th Annual PE Symposium in Austin, Texas.

We look forward to hosting another session at the 10th Annual PE Symposium in Boston, Massachusetts in September 2024.




Welcome from Course Directors & Course Advisors

Faculty: Drs. FacultyMatthew Langston, Parth Rali, Belinda Rivera-Lebron, Brandon Hooks, Jim Horowitz, Frances Mae West

Demographics of PE

Faculty: Dr. Belinda Rivera-Lebron

Risk Stratification of PE

Faculty: Dr. Frances Mae West

Percutaneous Treatment Options

Faculty: Dr. Mona Ranade

ICU Care for PE

Faculty: Dr. Bushra Mina

Mechanical Support

Faculty: Dr. Mahir Elder

Post-PE Management

Faculty: Dr. Maanasi Samant

Interdisciplinary Networking and Forming a PERT

Faculty: Dr. Brandon Hooks

STATION 1: Point-of-Care Echocardiography

Faculty: Drs. Bushra Mina, Belinda Rivera-Lebron, Oren Friedman, Emily Gundert

STATION 2: Radiography: VQ & CTPA

Faculty: Drs. Jonathan Steinberger, Richard Channick

STATION 3: DVT: Diagnosis, Management, Point-of-Care Compression Ultrasound

Faculty: Drs. Rachel Rosovsky, Jim Horowitz, Frances Mae West,  Matt Langston, Parth Rali


Faculty: Drs. Hillary Johnson-Cox, Brandon Hooks, Mahir Elder

STATION 5: Percutaneous Treatment

Faculty: Drs. Mona Ranade, Kenneth Rosenfield, Thomas Todoran

Wrap Up

Faculty: Drs. Matthew Langston, Parth Rali, Belinda Rivera-Lebron

2023 Course Directors

2023 Course Advisors