Applying for The PERT Consortium membership

Member institutions must pay annual dues of $2,500 to join and maintain membership in the Consortium.

Professional Membership is available to individuals who are participants in a PERT at a Member Institution.  The membership dues for Professionals are incorporated in the fee from the Member Institution.

Institutional Membership $2,500

Need to pay for your membership? Download the invoice below to submit with your payment.


Membership is contingent upon the Consortium’s acceptance of the membership application. The endorsement, deposit or negotiation of an applicant’s check, or processing of a charge to applicant’s credit card, does not guarantee admission into or acceptance of membership by the Consortium. Checks received will routinely be deposited without a determination of the propriety of the payment or the applicability of the amount. Applicants who are not admitted to membership will receive a refund from the Consortium for the amount submitted.