Benefits for Professionals (Providers and Care Teams)


Your Consortium membership includes: How this benefits you:
National Participation Participation in the development of national standards and guidelines for treatment of pulmonary embolism to optimize patient care and outcomes
Certification Certification of practitioners, technologists and others as members of a PERT
Clinical Tools Clinical practice tools for the diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary embolism
Research Ability to submit research proposals to utilize the PERT Consortium Registry for data analysis, abstracts and manuscripts
Access Preferred access to participate in clinical trials coordinated by the National PERT Consortium
Professional CME
  1. Annual training program for PERT Consortium members and technicians
  2. CME workshops, courses, and webinars—Potential discounts for members of the Consortium
Educational Materials
  1. Access to Consortium Newsletter and possible journal
  2. Scientific publications and guidelines
  3. Slide sets from Education Committee and from scientific meetings to review and use for local educational programs and events