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4th Annual Meeting of the PERT Consortium


The PERT Consortium was formed to promote best practices in Pulmonary Embolism (PE) care. By focusing solely on the entirety of PE – its etiology, pathophysiology, prevention, management approach, outcomes of specific treatments, and follow-up pathways – it is the intention of the Consortium to increase awareness of treatment options available to patients with PE, to reduce its incidence worldwide, to improve health outcomes, and to positively influence the impact of this terrible disease.

Specifically, the Consortium works to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information related to the care of patients with PE, and to advance the science of PE care by performing research, developing advanced treatment protocols, and educating clinicians and community members.

Join us the day before the symposium for a frank discussion of the past year of the Consortium, to hear the experiences of current members, and find out what the Consortium sees for the future and how we’re going to get there…together.