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3rd Annual Meeting of the PERT Consortium


The PERT Consortium was formed to promote best practices in Pulmonary Embolism (PE) care. By focusing solely on the entirety of PE – its etiology, pathophysiology, prevention, management approach, outcomes of specific treatments, and follow-up pathways – it is the intention of the Consortium to increase awareness of treatment options available to patients with PE, to reduce its incidence worldwide, to improve health outcomes, and to positively influence the impact of this terrible disease.

Specifically, the Consortium works to facilitate the exchange of ideas and information related to the care of patients with PE, and to advance the science of PE care by performing research, developing advanced treatment protocols, and educating clinicians and community members.

Join us the day before the symposium for a frank discussion of the past year of the Consortium, to hear the experiences of current members, and find out what the Consortium sees for the future and how we’re going to get there…together.


7:00 AM Breakfast and Networking
7:45 Welcome, Introductions and Overview of the day —Kenneth Rosenfield
7:55 Facilitator “Rules of engagement” —Michael Jaff
8:00 Real World PERT: Member Institutions” PERT Experiences —Jay Giri and Site Representatives
8:30 State of PERT Address—Success, Challenge, and Opportunity —Kenneth Rosenfield
8:45 CAN YOU FUNCTION AS A TEAM UNDER STRESS?—Team Exercise —Michael Jaff and Professional Members at Tables
9:45 Team Exercise Report out —Michael Jaff and “Team Designated Spokespeople”
10:00 Membership Update and Founding Membership Awards Presentation

Map build

—Michelle Lanno; Karen Stratvert; Ken Rosenfield
10:15 Survey with ARS­—PERT Protocol Committee —Belinda Rivera-lebron & Protocol Committee
10:30 Break
10:45 Committee Reports with Q & A —Committee Co-Chairs
1 Clinical Protocols and Practice —Belinda Rivera-lebron & Richard Channick
1 Education Committee —Rachel Rosovsky & David Slosky
1 Communications Committee —Alison Witkin, Rob Maholic, & James Horowitz
1 Governance Committee —Jana Montgomery & Ken Rosenfield
1 Research Committee —Chris Kabhrel & Blair Parry
12:15 PERT Website Presentation —James Horowitz
12:30 PM Lunch & Head Committee Breakouts
12:45 Working Lunch
-Committee Break-outs and Strategic Planning

a. Review of Progress
b. Strategic Planning
c. Priorities & Goals for 2017-2018

Break-Outs by Committee
Clinical Protocols


1. Progress to date and future goals (100 Day; 6 Month; 12 Month; 24 Month)
2. Strategic planning around interaction with Corporate Committee members
3. Review of Project proposals for funding

2:10 Committee Strategic Planning Report Back - Part I

Part I: Education; Clinical Protocols; Communications

3:00 Break
3:15 Committee Strategic Planning Report Back - Part II

Part II: Governance; Research; Development

4:00 Nominating Committee Report and Elections —Roy Smith, Jana Montgomery & Michael Jaff
5:00 Preview of Consortium CME Meeting —Christopher Kabhrel
5:05 Wrap up and Next Steps —Kenneth Rosenfield & Michael Jaff
5:15 Adjourn
5:30 BPA for CTEPH - Working Group Meeting
6:30 “Night at the Museum with the Consortium”

—Reception at Museum of Science


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